We'd like to say a very special thank you Triangulum Travels and to everyone who donated to our cause, here are some lovely new toys purchased with your kind donations that will be on there way to Sarum ward at Salisbury later today.....Big Smiles,and a big Thank you xx



All the toys are so beautiful and every child loves the toys and use for playing. When celebrate the birthday party of any children then received the many gifts of toys. Yes, organizing school trips involves a lot of organizational skills as well as energy and time.

06/15/2016 12:45am

My mother always supports her friends in an event. It's a charity organization. Raising funds have been never easy. There are million worthy organizations out there. The key is to convince them that your charity needs donation. There are plenty of people in this world who wants to help. I am so glad that my family belongs to it. It is our traditional way of helping other people. My siblings and I are willing to give our clothes for the kids who don't have clothes. My little brother always gives his new toys for a kid. My mother always cooks a roasted beef for their charity. My father always donates a lot of dollars for the charity.

02/22/2016 1:43am

We should never forget that we should have great courage to win any battle and to become successful in writing or in any other job even in playing basketball also. E very player have to do his best to win championship.

02/29/2016 6:23pm

Learning is a pleasant experience and it is not just school lessons that teach you all good things in life.

11/21/2016 2:07am

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01/30/2017 9:55am

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