RACS Group’s Managing Director, Terry Hillier, donated £4000 each to representatives of Children’s Hospice South West, Dorothy House and Louise SMILES following the company’s annual Christmas Raffle which raised over £12, 000 in total. Many people contributed to this outstanding achievement, including local companies who donated prizes, the RACS Group staff who slavishly sold tickets to all and sundry, plus all those that put their hands in their pockets to actually buy tickets.

Over 850 prizes were up for grabs including flat screen TV’s, computer games, bottles of booze, chocolates and the obligatory cuddly toy!

Pictured with Terry are Nick Trimby from Kingdown School who’s team also contributed to the raffle fund, Jo Lloyd from S.M.I.L.E.S, Julie Patterson from Children's Hospice South West and Yvonne Brunton from Dorothy House and RACS Group’s Rachel Noble
who managed the event internally. Congratulations to one and all for making the 2015 raffle the best yet.



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Many people contributed to this outstanding achievement.


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11/05/2017 7:59am

This is called motivation and that is what every organization needs today, if you are achieving your targets every day and not promoting your staff, believe me it wouldn't help you out.

11/12/2017 5:21am

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12/21/2017 9:47am

Many companies in the world donate money for social welfare like disable person, education and for country etc. Similarly, RACS is one of them and is leading company/group that have donate $4000 for the representatives of Children’s Hospice South West. Their work is really appreciable and want suggest you that share it mostly in other countries so that they can also got it.


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