Thank you so much all at Louis smiles! You all put a massive smile on this little ones face yesterday, along with all the other smiles on piam brown. Today I have spent the day picking up the missiles from this little pickle shooting them at me with his minion!   
thank you once again from all of us on PB ward we are truly grateful for all the support you give us to help put lots of big smiles on little faces. xxx
We felt very privileged to meet this happy young man and witness his little smile first hand, with his new Minion, on Piam Brown ward ..Thank you everyone for supporting us and making this possible 


06/02/2015 2:31am

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06/05/2016 1:15am

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11/21/2016 2:10am

I think you have to improve a bit the design and usability of your blog.

01/30/2017 9:58am

I must say this is excellent gift and kind deed. You are great!

11/30/2017 6:56am

Smile is the only thing that you can do for strangers and its makes them happy for free of cost.

12/03/2017 6:20am

I do smile all the time I am very happy.


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