A lovely welcome from the staff and patients on Sarum Ward, with lots of Easter activities and Easter bunnies.


04/25/2015 1:42pm

Easter activities are always seems to be special. The gifts are best best among it. Easter bunnies are also nice to have.


Wow what a so nice toys and every child love the toys. Every person gives the many gifts on children birthday party. Then all the children very happy. There are some online institutes that are known to exaggerate on their tuition fees.

09/01/2016 1:00am

I love these toys so much. I am sure the children enjoyed the day so much.

09/01/2016 1:02am

Easter is a joyful occasion and if people receive gifts on this day, their joy will be doubled. The joy become manifold if gifts received are children of young ages.

01/30/2017 10:00am

A good opportunity to cheer up the kids and dedicate your free time with a use.

09/15/2017 5:53am

We learn a lot from you. This is great to learn for me.


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